Call For Papers 2020

Call for Papers: FPGA Conference Europe 2020 opens for Submissions

Become a speaker at Europe’s largest event dedicated to field Programmable Gate Arrays. Give the industry new momentum and find out from the discussions what moves hardware and software developers of embedded systems.

FPGAs are the hidden champions of microelectronics and are at the forefront of embedded development. From tiny and energy-efficient sensor fusion solutions for the automotive industry, to intelligent platforms for condition monitoring in networked factories, to powerful deep learning accelerators in the largest data centers, these flexible logic devices play an important role in many applications.

Are you an expert in FPGAs or a related topic and are willing to share your insights, solutions and technological forecasts? Then become a speaker at the FPGA Conference Europe 2020. This largest FPGA-dedicated event in Europe, jointly hosted by ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS and the FPGA training center PLC2, is taking place from May 26th to May 28th at the NH Hotel in Munich-Dornach.

Trends and Topics at the FPGA Congress 2020

Artificial intelligence, sensor fusion, acceleration of data processing and transmission in applications from edge to cloud and back are currently the most discussed topics for the use of FPGAs.  Nevertheless, there is a broad spectrum of more general applications that also profit from these powerful yet programmable components. For example, within communications, FPGAs will play an even more important role than ever before – especially within emerging technologies and markets like 5G networking. These topics – and more – will be discussed at the upcoming FPGA Conference Europe 2020.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Inference
  • Sensor Fusion Solutions for Automotive and Industrial 4.0 Applications
  • Intelligent Cloud and Edge Computing
  • 5G and other (mobile) radio technologies
  • Design of powerful and at the same time energy-efficient systems
  • Basics for future-proof design of embedded systems
  • Targeted debugging and rapid verification of FPGA designs
  • Trends in tools and software for development and testing
  • Safety and security as central elements of modern embedded systems

Share your knowledge – Send in your Abstract

If you would like to become a speaker and share your knowledge with a broad professional audience, please submit a presentation title and a concise and expressive summary of your intended presentation in English via the online form below. Your proposal should include:


  • The title of your contribution
  • Complete name, degree and location of employment of the author (company or institute)
  • Email and phone number of the speaker
  • Short summary (approx. 2.000 characters) of your intended presentation
  • A classification for the target audience: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert.


Presentation language is English as the conference addresses an international audience. Duration for a presentation will be 40 minutes, for tutorials 85 minutes max. Only lectures that deal with technical, technological, standardization-relevant or user-related aspects of the topics mentioned will be accepted. Marketing oriented contributions will not be accepted. Important: We need the permission to distribute accepted presentations to the attendees of the FPGA Conference.

Please note: The Call for Papers ends on February 29, 2020. Also important: We need permission to distribute accepted presentations to FPGA conference participants.

Make contacts at the conference and trade exhibition

As a speaker, you benefit from the valuable contact opportunities offered by the conference and the parallel trade exhibition. Even if you won’t be a speaker at Europe’s largest FPGA-dedicated user conference, you can contribute to the program by suggesting topics and/or speakers. The Advisory Board will examine your recommendations and contact potential speakers you have suggested.

Thank you for! your support!


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